Legend Frog Pre-Sale!

Pre-Sale Supply : 444 Price Per NFT : 0.222 SOL

Get your Legend Frog!

Legendary Frogs became the guardians of the planet, when the last Bitcoin was mined in 2140, and they came out from underground. They came to make the planet more peaceful and fight against those who oppose blockchain technology.

You can own Legend Frog, available in limited quantity, to support the fight against those who oppose blockchain technology.

4.444 Uniquely NFT
0,444 SOL Price For Minting.
170+ Unique Attributes

Legend Frog

Legend Frog collection, which was created on Solana blockchain, is a unique NFT collection that includes unique NFTs created algorithmically with over 170 hand-drawn pieces.

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4,444 unique NFT



Stage 1
Phase 1

4,444 Legend Frog were created algorithmically with more than 170 hand-drawn pieces created by a talented team. We have reserved 222 Legend Frog for Airdrop.

Phase 2

We have launched our Discord channel, Twitter account and website.

Stage 2
Phase 1

We have reserved 444 NFT for pre-sale. During the pre-sale, purchasing will be available for a short time for lucky people. The remaining NFTs (4,000) will be available for public on the mint day.

Phase 2

We have evaluated the marketplace for partnerships. We will also evaluate the marketplaces recommended by our community. For now, we have approved by Magiceden/Digitaleyes/Solsea for listing.

Stage 3
Phase 1

444 units have been sold in presale.

Phase 2

4,000 units have been sold in the main sale.

Phase 3

Rarity will be revealed after the mint.

Stage 4
Phase 1

Airdrop winners will be granted their Legend Frog.

Phase 2

We are going to make donations to the organizations you will choose with 5% of the mint income.

Phase 3

We will distribute the 40% of the fees to Legend Frog holders once in every 2 weeks. You can earn more in line with how much Legend Frog you hold.

Stage 5
Phase 1

NFT token will be released and there will be token airdrops for NFT holders.

Phase 2

We are going to develop our story in Blockchain technology and turn it into a game.

Phase 3

We are going to post updates on our roadmap.

Stage 2022 Q4


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Legend Frog is a randomly generated collection, which includes 4,444 uniquely and randomly selected from millions of options with more than 170 drawings in Solana blockchain.

A total of 4,444.

The minting cost is 0,444 SOL.

We did not decide on the launch date yet.

On the launch date, you will be able to purchase at a fixed price of 0,444 SOL from our Legend Frog website. They will be ready for trading on exchanges after the sale.

Indeed, we have reserved 444 Legend Frog for pre-sale.

They will be able to benefit from many giveaways and advantages exclusive to collection owners.

Information about the features and rarities about the Legend Frog will be shared after the mint.

You can view them in the Collection tab of the Phantom wallet.

Go to phantom.app, download the Phantom wallet extension. Once the extension is installed, run the program and create a new wallet.

You can use Phantom, Slope and Solflare wallets.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us by joining our discord server.


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